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SINGCALL.Wireless Table Call System,for Coffee shop.Pager,Beeper, Bell, Pack of 10 pcs White Single call Bells and 1 pc Display
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SINGCALL.Wireless Table Call System,for Coffee shop.Pager,Beeper, Bell, Pack of 10 pcs White Single call Bells and 1 pc Display


    01. Equipped with waterproof base
    02. Stable login mode
    03. Anti-temperature and humidity changes
    04. The number can be changed optionally with strong re-use ability


    01. Display a group of four-digit
    02. With time display function
    03. Twelve beautiful chord music
    04. The display time length of the call number can be set arbitrarily.
    05. Length of call sound can be selected
    06. Can speech broadcast operation, with voice reporting function
    07. With a 300 call extension, it can be displayed in English or figures
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      Press pager(APE560), then the wireless receiver(APE2100) will receive the signal of pager, and the number of pager will show on the screen of receiver with music, then someone will come to provide service

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      Most of customers will receive the package in 7--14 days.

      For notifying the waiters.

      Wireless fluid system is widely used in the service area. It includes the buttons for guests to use and the signal receiver for waiters to use. When the guest is in need, he or she just presses the button near him or her, his or her desk number will be displayed with music or vibration.


      APE2100(Wireless receiver):

      Sound Type:12 chord music

      Receiver Sensitivity: -114dbm

      Specifications: 2.17*1.77*0.71 inches(55*45*18mm)

      With Pager Quantity: 300PCS

      Codec Mode: Login mode

      Power Supply: AC220V/50HZ-12V/1A

      Letters Show: A.B.C.D.E.F.H.P,J,L

      Us Frequency Range: 433MHZ

      Time Display: 1 second to 99 seconds,Unlimited(manually deleted)

      The Simultaneous Display Of Number: 1PC



      Call output: 20db UV/m

      Us Frequency Range: 433MHZ

      Frequency deviation: 0.5 Mhz

      Specifications: 2.36*2.36*1.26 inches(60*60*32mm)

      Call distance:130-200ft(40-60m) indoors, 1600-2600ft(500-800m) in the open air 

      Power Supply: Alkaline Battery 12V 23A


      package include

      Wireless receiver x 1

      Transmitter x 10

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